Deliver Your Offers with Automated Shipping

By receiving the product while it’s still fresh in their minds, the customer will be happier and more likely to make another purchase in the future. At Molding Box, we take pride in our fast, efficient distribution and take all the necessary steps to ensure that your packages get where they need to go—fast.

  • Flex Your Direct-to-Consumer Abilities
  • Get All the Best Shipping Options
  • Offer Your Products Online & In-house

Occupy Both Online & Retail Space

thumbs_up_boxes_rFlexibility to match your direct-to-consumer strategy is just as important to us as it is to you. Molding Box is able to handle full-pallet shipments and we’re fully equipped for both retail and bulk distribution. This allows you to build a following online without worrying about finding a separate fulfillment house for your bulk shipping needs. Molding Box offers both so your business can grow without worry.

Free Yourself from Shipping

truck_loading_rOur knowledge of shipping to other continents ensures a safer arrival for your products. We consider the variety of events your products may encounter along their journey, and want to ensure their safe arrival. We package your items with the proper packaging material, which will absorb shocks as they travel to their destination. Our ability to handle sensitive items, like liquids and glass, gives you the ability to get back to doing what you do best.

Ship Your Products the Way You Want

crossroads_ship_optins_hThere are many shipping options available, and Molding Box can handle all of them. If you have specialty needs—like overnight shipping, signature on delivery, LTL shipping and single package orders—we can make sure that happens.

Skip the Post Office

We’ll make sure your packages arrive safely no matter where their destination is—no matter if it’s just a single package or an order of thousands. Our logistics consultants will analyze the dimension, weight, and durability of your package to maximize safety while still keeping the costs low. You’ll also be able to track everything all the way to the door of its intended destination. By using the latest technology, you’ll be able to be sure things show up right where they need to be and avoid costly mistakes.

Returns Processing

At Molding Box, we’ll put the proper channels in place to help protect your reputation in the off chance that a customer does need to return a product. By using our returns processing service, we’ll help you with rerouting, identifying and rectifying problems associated with customer identification information. With our network of referrals, your returns will ensure the customers’ demands are being met with complete satisfaction.

By setting your business up with a customer service center, a recycling/reusing/refurbishing program, return assistance, credit processing, warranties and visibility, you’ll gain the trust that your competitors don’t have. Making sure your customer is satisfied with your business—even if they’re not satisfied with the actual product—will go a long way.