About Molding Box’s International Shipping Solution

Molding Box specializes in commercial printing services, shipping and fulfillment—but we’re so much more than that. We also provide outsourcing solutions for people looking to automate their business. With Molding Box, you’ll never have to make that trip to the basement or storage shed again. We’re there from the moment your customer places their order, to the time they receive it. Imagine all the time you’ll save never having to worry about fulfilling another order again. You’ll finally be able to really focus on growing your business, spend more time with your family & friends, and take that long overdue vacation you so deserve. We fulfill your orders so you can get back to living a fulfilled life.

Warehouse. Package. Ship.

Is your inventory taking over your basement or garage? Wish you could have your parking space back? Put your boxes in our box. We give you your life back by offering warehouse storage, kitting & assembly, and picking & packing. We even handle inventory control so you’ll always know how much you have in stock, where it’s going and what it’s going for. The best part is that we’ll also handle the shipping, so you can stay out of that line at the post office.

It doesn’t stop there, either. We’re a full-service, one-stop-shop, covering the fulfillment process all in one convenient place. We customize our services around the needs of your business, giving you as much control as you want.

Complete your marketing material with our CD/DVD replication, label printing, and commercial digital printing. Sell your product, provide detailed content, and write a book about it with brochures, flyers, booklets, business cards, and more.

Need help managing your customers? Our CRM shopping cart integration helps keep everything organized so you can manage subscribers and encourage repeat sales. We also offer order monitoring and billing preparation so your offers and sales never miss a beat.

Bigger. Longer. Faster Commercial Digital Printing.

Stop running to the office supply store every time you need another stack of booklets or cards, and let someone else do the folding and sorting for you. With our quality line of press machines—including our high-end iGen4 commercial digital printer—we offer short and long run print jobs. You can also find more cost-effective and time-efficient print solutions with our web-to-print and print-on-demand programs. At Molding Box, we print images to be admired and impressions that last.